Law and the Unwashed Masses

Much of our modern law comes originally form the bible. In fact, up until 1953 the Book of Hebrews was taught at Harvard Law School in the early phases of study. I have always been fascinated with the Bible as a law book. Let me illustrate. In the old Septuagint bible, there is a great passage I really like. … Continue reading "Law and the Unwashed Masses"

Failed SEO Services and the Law

Here are the Reasons Why They Didn’t Work for Your Business When it comes to business growth and development SEO services play a crucial role. Thus, it is a must to check the services used and monitor them every now and then. Your job doesn’t stop once you hire a service provider. Instead, it is also important … Continue reading "Failed SEO Services and the Law"

Fast Bail Bonds

The term bail bond is derived from the two words bail and bond. The term is used to refer to a written promise which is signed by both the surety and defendant. It’s insurance that the defendant will appear in court on the scheduled date and time. Bail is the amount that is set by a court … Continue reading "Fast Bail Bonds"