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Posts published in September 2018

Tips to make a cheap divorce in Oklahoma less stressful

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Tips to make a cheap divorce in Oklahoma less stressful

Are you midst of a divorce in Oklahoma or any other state? Divorce is overwhelming always and can be extremely traumatic in life. For a marriage to be officially dissolved is not a straightforward thing to accept. There could be various reasons, and they may be valid, but trust me it is not easy. There are many things you need to worry about like financial pressure, emotional stress, change of family dynamic and much more. Emotional weight can put you into the negative zone and make you feel anxious and restless. It may start affecting your health if, you do not take steps to reduce your stress. A logistical avalanche brought on by divorce is the worst thing one can face in life. Let us look at some simple tips to make less of a bitter and stressful divorce.

    1. Pay attention to your emotional needs without fail. It is a significant thing that you should check for your emotional well-being. Adversity is not at all easy to handle. One has to take time and emotionally, physically and spiritually nurture you for less divorce stress. If you do not do this, then you are going to feel besieged emotionally and will not know what to do next. You will start exploring terrible If that happens to take help of a therapist.
    2. Do something to feel good. Read a book, if you enjoy it. Take a hot bath and feel more relaxed. Make sure you develop some hobbies and enjoy them. Have contact will help only people who give you positive energy and also be in touch with old friends and make some new ones. Improve your lifestyle and self-worth and esteem. All these small things can go a long way and make you feel much better during these tough times. It is never easy to deal with a divorce, and every single step you take in a positive direction will help.
    3. It is not simple ever, but Move On and make a new mindset. If you can do this then you have less divorce stress, it will help you tremendously. It will take some time to deal with a divorce. Always try and take responsibility for what has happened. Never get into the blame game. Blaming one another will make you feel terrible. Never do self-pity, this can build negative emotions. Forgive yourself above all and move on, also forgive your spouse, if possible. Never let your old marriage issues creep into new relationships. Past pain will have an adverse impact on new bonds.

Never take any hurried Decisions immediately after a divorce. Haste could be a disaster and a start of another painful relationship. Be careful! Keep in mind that at the current time you are in a highly stressful situation, and not thinking the right way. Any decisions should only be taken after the cooling off period of the divorce when you believe that you are in control of your negative emotions. Always keep in mind to think about all the pros and cons before doing something new.

Saving Money with a Cheap Divorce Can Alleviate Stress

The folks over at Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma, Inc. are divorce mediation professionals that specialize in helping couples avoid nasty court litigation. They have helped Oklahoma residents for over 9 years settle their cases amicably. I would like to dive in briefly to their methodology which I feel will help the reader understand a new framework which is fairly uncommon in divorces. Unlike cheap online divorce companies, Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma, Inc. provides 1-on-1 coaching for their clients. Their methods are very unique, and I think they might help you navigate your divorce with a clarity you won't find anywhere else.

Understanding Cheap Uncontested Divorce vs Litigated Divorce with Attorneys

The first thing we need to examine is the divorce process itself. Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma, Inc. is a cheap divorce provider. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

Cheap Divorce comes in many forms. Most Google Searches will reveal online divorce forms. While these can be effective, they often lack a personal connection and can come at a cost. For example, a fill in the blank software might complete online divorce documents, and then when the client files these in their district or circuit court (depending on the State) the Judge might reject these documents due to missing info required by state law.

Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma, Inc. is a Divorce Mediation company that has brick and mortar office, has attorneys available for clients who need representation and makes sure to draft every divorce document according to specific client requests. In the event that a Judge wants a redraft, they have coaches on standby ready to effectuate those changes. In addition to that, if the couple gets into a tight spot with their dispute, Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma, Inc. can schedule time for the parties to sit with a Mediator and negotiate the terms of their divorce. Mediation can save literally tens of THOUSANDS of dollars in a divorce!

What's in a litigated Divorce?

Normally in a divorce, party A hires a lawyer, said lawyer serves party B with a Divorce Petition and SUMMONS that forces party B to respond to the court within 20 days! Imagine having to get BLIND SIGHTED by a Sheriff's Deputy at work in front of your boss! In addition to a blind sighted serve, you have to come up with $3,000.00 to pay to retain a lawyer to protect your interests before 20 days! Otherwise, your spouse wins the case by default!

Next, the process of Discovery must happen. Discovery includes many items, such as determining what is available in the divorce in the form of assets, property, bills/debt, and children for custody disputes. Discovery is a very time consuming and expensive process. That $3,000.00 can be eaten by legal hours in no time at all! Once the retainer is gone, now you must pay $250+ per hour to continue the fight. Most divorces that are litigated will not settle in less than 6 months. Many cases last for 1.5-3 years! If this sounds like fun, please find a divorce attorney near you! 😂

What about online forms?

Online divorce forms can be good, but the problem with them, is that they often do not have all of the requirements of local courts. Think in terms of logistics; can an online forms provider really keep track of every state law, in every county, in every state? It's just not feasible. That's why having a local company to help you with your divorce is so much more valuable than a cheap online website.

Most people fall for the cheap divorce online trick, only to end up coming back to see the folks at Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma, Inc. or whoever is in their local area. The bottom line is this: hire someone local and don't fall for the online divorce promise! A local cheap divorce provider can be much more worth it versus an online forms company.

Final Thoughts on Divorce Stress

Divorce is extremely stressful for most, and it is never going to be an easy path, so make use of these tips and enjoy your newly single life! We hope that these tips will make your next chapter much easier than having a lagging, expensive, devastating divorce process.

Know About Contentious Probate Claims

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Know About Contentious Probate Claims

Under English and Welsh law, contentious probate cases can cover a wide range of circumstances. Read on for a brief guide to the most common reasons for taking this sort of legal action, and what you should consider before making a claim.

When you're making a claim, we highly recommend that you visit a probate attorney to guide you through the proper steps within Probate law. Many families don't do the diligence of planning accordingly so they lose any income that they may have received from a family member that has passed away. To learn more about Probate law, please refer to the article placed below:

Claims Under the Inheritance Act

If you were expecting to receive something in the will of a family member who has recently died and didn't receive what you were expecting, then you might be able to make an inheritance claim.

These rules apply in England and Wales only, as the legal situation in Scotland and Northern Ireland is different. Not all relatives are entitled to make a claim, but you may be eligible if you were a close relative such as a spouse, child, ex-spouse or long-term cohabiting partner of either gender.

It's important to speak to a lawyer who specializes in this area of the law as they will be able to advise you if you are not sure whether you qualify. They will also be able to give advice on the best course of action given your personal circumstances and the size of an estate in dispute.

Was The Will Valid?

The other main reason for challenging a will is due to worries about whether it is valid or not. Grounds for challenging a will's validity include legal technicalities, influence on the deceased, lack of knowledge, capacity or approval and devastavit [see below].

Technicalities - a will which has not been drawn up or witnessed properly is open to challenge. If the challenge is upheld, the will is disregarded and the estate is split as if it had never existed.

Influence - if it is suspected that the person making the will was forced, threatened and coerced by someone to create their will in a certain way, the will may also be invalid.

Lack of Knowledge, Approval, and Capacity - if the person making the will was not aware of what they were doing when it was signed, the will can be challenged. This category includes people with dementia, or with sight problems meaning they couldn't read the documents.

Devastavit - this legal term means that the person whose job it was to administer the estate acted negligently. They are in these cases personally liable for any mistakes which are made.

In Conclusion

If you're experiencing the death of a loved one and don't know where to start, consider hiring a probate attorney. You can contact an expert such as for more information on estate planning and wrongful death.